Welcome to RAW with ppv stage !
So like Thunderdome but not fully finish lol

1.1 : Minitron gfx fixed
1.2 : Trons fixed
2.0 (19/01/21) : Better LED texture / increased space between the lights of the minitron / bigger black curtain

Thanks to SeeFusion with this amazing gfx : http://2kmodz.com/file/c32f754e2036ba3a108431c33cd135d4

Just replace each file into your folder game !
Need with the software "WrestleMinus" for doing manualy the file "prm_ar_lg_color" ! 

This is free!
A problem an error contact me on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRevONiKO
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  • Upload Date: September 11, 2020, 12:34 pm
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mrrobertson392 weeks ago
anyone having trouble withe the thunderdome tron only showing parts of there gfx like the tron to small
contigianienzo882 weeks ago
there is an invisible wall when i try to irish whip someone outside the ring
KJ Sims2 weeks ago
For some reason, there seems like there is a invisible wall when I get outside the ring and try to Irish whip somebody into the steps, cornerpost, apron or barricade. I've put in the misc_01 and misc_04 I am wondering if I ned to do something else
Jack??1 month ago
Open Wrestlemnius ( Wrestleminus DL: https://github.com/pozzum/WrestleMINUS/release ) Put misc01_start , in Wrestleminus . expand to the first file named "00002" click on "show view" go to slot 1 (the second) Search the case F4 and change 0 to 1 . And click on saves changes .
ItsReigningKen3 months ago
And whats your cashapp? i wanna send a few bucks. u do a lot of good work
LexRed3 months ago
For some reason gameplay in this arena is heavy lagged. Any fix or something we should do?
ItsReigningKen3 months ago
tron using classic as default. any way to fix?
oscarhdz.17634 months ago
Is there a way to have the game's default lights and not the dark ones?
Butter4 months ago
Is there a way make it replace something else, I still want your normal RAW 2020 arena
KJ Sims4 months ago
The stage isn't working for me for smackdown raw & elimination chamber work fine but smackdown isn't working
ItsReigningKen4 months ago
The mini trons are backwards. they show everything flipped. Aside from that this is awesome
RevONiKO4 months ago
@ItsReigningKen The mini are fixed just redownload the file !